Monday, 6 January 2014

Hulduefni Contest WINNER!

The winner was!
Petar Stipsits!

With the sentence:
Cold, bleak darkness, sounds from places we have not yet discovered (and) still fear to do so, because we don't know what might be there, but this is the music for the journey to it.

Very simple, but sais it all!
cold... YES
bleak darkness... YES
sounds from the unknown... YES
but HULDUEFNI is the music for THAT journey... YES!


I think that from all sentences, this one, was the one that suited better the Hulduefni general sounds/ music.

I also want to thank to all the people that participate in my small contest!
And to thank all, all the other participants will have 50% of discount in ANY Hulduefni item at their choice from my store!
*You can only choose one item for the discount.
**This will only be available for the next 15 days.

Thank you all again!

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